DevOps Leader

[Lead the DevOps Transformation in your organization]


DevOps is a software engineering practice that aims at unifying software development (Dev), and software operations (Ops). The main characteristic of the DevOps movement is to strongly advocate automation and monitoring at all phases of software construction, from integration, testing, releasing to deployment, and infrastructure management.

The DevOps Leader (DOL) course is developed for people who help design, influence, implement and motivate the cultural transformation that has proven to be a critical success factor in DevOps adoption. A DOL understands the human dynamics of cultural change and is equipped with practices, methods, and tools to engage people across the DevOps spectrum.

2 Day (16 Hours)
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Each Day (1 Hour break in between)
DevOps Expert
Batch Size
20-25 Participants
Participants Profile
DevOps Foundation Certification Course from DevOps Institute
Course Delivery Language
Approach of Delivery
Mix of theory & workshop sessions (Classroom Training)
Certification Details
Attending this workshop will enable you to take up the DOL Certification exam online
Accreditation Institute
DevOps Institute
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  • Understand the concepts of 'Golden Circle' in DevOps
  • Conway’s Law and its influence on DevOps and systems thinking
  • Strategies for leading cultural transformations
  • Evolving silos into flat, team-based organizations
  • Managing conflicts, creating feedback loops and learning environments
  • Avoiding change fatigue
  • Learn Communication and collaboration strategies
  • Analyse meaningful metrics
  • Resourcing for DevOps
  • Communication and collaboration strategies
  • Meaningful metrics
  • Resourcing for DevOps
  • Demonstrating DevOps Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Critical success factors

Learning Objective

  • Learn about the "The Golden Circle"
  • Learn about Organisational Culture and Change
  • Understand Conway's law and its influence on DevOps
  • Learn how to effectively manage conflict, feedback loops, learning environment
  • Define the metrics that can be used
  • Learn to estimate ROI


  • Practitioners and change agents
  • Tool providers and systems integrators
  • DevOps consultants
  • Anyone involved in cultural transformations and organizational changes
  • IT team leaders, managers, directors and business stakeholders

Course Deliverables

  • Attendee gets a printed copy of workbook
  • DOL digital badge to promote your accomplishment online
  • DOL certificate from DevOps Institute
  • In-person Training and 2-day workshop full of learning and fun
  • Participation Certificate on completion of the course

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