Agile Coaching ICP-ACC

[Mindset, Roles and Responsibilities]


This 3 day course covers the mindset, roles and responsibilities of an Agile Coach. Participants will focus on developing an in-depth understanding of the professional coaching skills. This course explores the concept of team development paying attention to team dynamics. Gain the skills needed meaningful collaboration and healthy conflict resolution within an Agile team.

3 Day
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Each Day (1 Hour break in between)
Certified Professional Agile Coach – ICAgile
Batch Size
25-30 Participants
Participants Profile
Course Delivery Language
Approach of Delivery
Mix of theory & workshop sessions (Classroom Training)
Certification Details
Certification on "ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)"
Accreditation Institute
Commercials & Logistics
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  • Understand Agile Coaching Mindset
  • Roles and Responsibilities as a coach
  • Key mindset shifts
  • Understand Servant Leadership
  • Define the coaching contract
  • Mentoring and coaching the roles in Agile
  • Teaching the Agile basics and mindset shifts
  • Differentiating between mentoring and coaching
  • Understand Team Development

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the strategies for dealing with different types of teams
  • Understand a model of team development
  • Understand the responsibilities of an Agile Coach
  • Build self awareness/self management capacity in the team
  • Learn to plan and facilitate a conflict in a team
  • Learn to help team member to experience the Agile Mindset shifts


  • Project Managers
  • ScrumMasters, Iteration Managers
  • Agile Coaches and aspiring coaches
  • Product Owners

Course Deliverable

  • In-person 3 day training with full of learning and fun
  • Attendee will get printed copy of workbook
  • Participation certificate on request

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