Training Services

Scrum Basics

Overview of Scrum methods

Half-Day Course

Scrum Essentials

Introduction to Scrum methods

1 Day Course

Scrum Foundation

Hands on Scrum methods

2 Day Course

Scrum Advanced

Expertise on Scrum methods

3 Day Course

Scrum Bootcamp

Extensive Learning on Scrum methods

5 Day Course

Consulting Services

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Scrum Assessment

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Scrum Coaching

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Scrum Launch

Scrum Expert Interviews

Interview with Jeff Lopez-Stuit

December 10, 2018

Interview with Geoff Watts

October 25, 2018

Interview with Roman Pichler

May 10, 2018

Scrum Poster

Game Kit

Scrum Poster

Starting Scrum implementation at your organisation?

Buy a Handcrafted Scrum Framework Poster for your team, a perfect fit for a team-wall and ready for framing.