Queuing Theory | Glossary


Queuing Theory is a methodology that is used to speed up traditional development process. It usually involves spotting the ‘one’ feature. Large batches and long queues exist, and it’s important to solve them before they create big problems.Otherwise, it becomes difficult to solve a problem that is not visible in the first place. Queuing Theory points towards ways in which this can be improved.

It is a thinking tool that is incredibly relevant for the large scale development. It’s particularly helpful in navigating large batches, long queues and the problems that come along with them. Queuing Theory is geared towards improvement of the overall process.

Further Reading

  •  “Fundamentals of queueing theory”(book), by Donald Gross.

Agile Project Management for Dummies | Book Series


As we see that mobile and web technologies are evolving rapidly, there is a need that arises which tells us why we need to shift the regular Software Development schedule from months to weeks. This book Agile Project Management For Dummies gives you all the answers to the questions of why we need to move from usual to unusual? and many more interesting topics. This book is the first one to provide simple step-by-step instructions on Agile approaches and tools.


Mark C Layton

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